Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Five senses

 We had a blast  learning about the fives senses and were able to distinguish between different sounds (loud, quiet, whispering etc.) 
tasting different tastes (salty, sweet, sour etc.) touching different textures (soft, hard, smooth,) looking at different objects (near, far etc.) and smelling different smells (good, bad, funny). We loved the song of the fives senses and pointing at them.

Exploring musical instruments.

Louis -Eliott  decorating his shaker.

 Omar listening to his shaker.
Basit making his binocular .

Using our binocular to look at  things around the school.

Too sour that lemon.. "yucky "said Basit.

Honey tastes Yummy!!

Different smells

Aristan did  enjoy the smell of coffee

Making our scented flowers.

Smells good!

Our scented flowers.

Can we have more chocolate pleaaase?

We rewarded ourselves with fun trip to the zoo to round up our unit on five senses!

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