Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Finishing our Friendship Unit

This is our last week of our Friendship Unit! In the last two weeks we have continued learning about Friendship through play, our class puppet Millie the Monkey, and stories like “Can I Play” and the “Rainbow Fish.”  Specifically, we are learning about how friends behave with one another (they share, help, care for and talk to one another), different emotions that we all feel (happiness, anger, sadness, etc.), and how to deal with these different emotions.

We are finishing this unit by making different puppets of ourselves this week. This will help us role play and play out different emotions.

We’ve also been learning about the color Yellow, circles, and the sound of the letter “E.” The children enjoy going on "hunts" in the school or in the classroom looking for objects that are yellow, circles, or that start with the sound “E.”

Next week we will start our Sand and Water unit so please remember to send an extra pair of clothes as we’ll likely get wet and dirty from time to time!!

Playing with the tunnel during P.E.

In a line after a school "color" hunt

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