Friday, April 28, 2017


Hi Pre-K 2 families and friends. Since the last update (too long ago) our class has been busy saying goodbye to some friends for the school year and welcoming a new friend. Sofia left at the end of Quarter 3 to travel while waiting to become a big sister. A couple weeks later Moctar also traveled with his mother while he waits to become a big brother! Best of luck to Sofia, Moctar, and their families with their new arrivals. We look forward to seeing you next school year in Pre-K 3!

In early April we also welcomed Edouard who is joining us from Belgium. Welcome Edouard!  
Last week we ended our Sand and Water unit last week after 6 weeks of fun and learning.  We accomplished a lot of water play, learned about what lives in water and sand, explored colors and bubbles, and started experimenting with the concept of volume.

Hajrah explores what happens when we put stones in water.

As a part of the Sand and Water Unit, but also as a way to beat the heat, two Fridays ago we had a water day with all PreK classes. It was a huge success! All of the kids had a great time playing and splashing in water. Thank you, parents, for your help on water day sending in appropriate clothes and more!

Avi enjoying the cool pool on water day!

In the last few weeks I have introduced “belly breaths” to our class. After coming in from play-time following snack I ask children to lay down and close their eyes. We put our hands on our bellies to feel the rise and fall of our bodies as we take three deep breaths (or more!) then exhale. After three times, we sit up, and continue with our circle time. Belly breaths are meant to help our kids find a moment for calming mindfulness and help with the transition of outside play to inside play. Some children enjoy the belly breaths more than others, however, I do feel that this minute of quiet does have a calming affect on our classroom.

Finally, this week we are starting a new unit “Together we Grow.” We intend to introduce the concept of living and non-living things, first by trying to understand what grows and what does not grow. We will explore our immediate surroundings inside the school campus, finding things that grow and are living, measure ourselves and other living things, eventually plant a seed, and talk about what humans, animals, and plants need to grow. I will request some help for parents to send me a baby picture of your child to demonstrate how the children themselves too are in the process of growing!

All the while long, we have been learning the sound for the letters T and I; reviewing yellow, blue, red, and green and introducing the colors orange and purple; and learning about rectangles and stars.

Artists at work

Ousmane, Avi, and Hajrah play dress up!

At home, try to find time to read with your child. With your child you can also look for some of items that we have learned about (for example, something purple, a door that is shaped like a rectangle, or something that grows and is living). Your children will likely be eager to do this at home and show off what they have learned!

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