Monday, May 22, 2017

What grows?

The week before last we welcomed another “new” student. Assil started the school year with us and has returned to end the school year with us. We are happy to welcome Assil back into our classroom to again make us seven students in total!


Thank you parents for sending in baby pictures of your child! As many of you have seen, we have posted all baby pictures of the Pre-K 2 class on our growth wall. We have measured each child’s current height and placed her/his baby pictures below (at the average height of a newborn baby) to see how much he/she has grown already! We will measure ourselves again on the last day of school to see if any of us have grown in the past few weeks.

We will continue to learn about living things, particularly humans, plants, and animals in the final weeks as school ends. Last week we visited a lettuce farm across from school and the following day we went to Ms. Fanta’s kitchen to see how some living plants can eventually become the food we eat. The likely highlight of our visits was the gift from Ms. Fanta to each student: popcorn. However, today the children did ask to go back to the lettuce farm! This and next week we will spend a lot of time with the new rabbits recently introduced into the garden area next to the Pre-K classrooms.

Discovering that lettuce grows and is living (before we eat it!).

Exploring the lettuce field.

Eating popcorn after visiting Ms. Fanta's kitchen.

As always, we are continuing to work on growing our social-emotional skills. We have recently discovered a book called “If you’re angry and you know it.” This is a book that can be sung to the tune of the song “If you’re happy and you know” and suggests healthy options for responding to anger. For example: “If you’re angry and you know it, stomp your feet.” The following verses suggest other responses like “bang a drum,” “walk away,” “take deep breaths,” “tell a friend.” The song finishes with: “Then you’re happy and you know it once again.” You can add other verses such as “If you’re angry and you know it, say Please Stop” or “use your words.”

The children love this song and if someone becomes angry in class I will often start singing this song and everyone joins along and is smiling by the end! Here is a link to the original song “If you’re happy and you know it” to give you an idea of how this can be sung.

Also, as a parent I know there are difficult moments with 2 and 3 year olds! Here is a link to some resources that might help you and your child get through these moments. I particularly think the following two articles are very helpful: “10 tips for raising healthy parents” and “5 ways Staylistening is different from Cry it Out.”
Hiding in the cubbies.

Fun and learning with playdough.
We will send out information next week about the end of the year activities and celebrations in our class.

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