Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Friendship, sharing and having fun with our friends

Last week we learned about friendship and sharing. We talked about who are our friends? Family, friends and pets. At circle time we took turns to say everyone’s names, holding hands making a circle we sang “Make the circle big,big,big” song. We also sang other songs “Open shut them” and “I love you, you love me”.

During activity time we made a hand friendship tree and all the children participated as friends.

We were also learning about the shape "Circle" last week. We went around the school garden and hunt for circles, they colored the circles with sponges and decorated it using glue and paper which helped them to develop their fine motor skills. We also made circle prints using piece of carrot. 

We also talked about color "Orange". They went around the classroom searching for orange objects, playing with orange play dough and color sorting games.    

Hunting for circles

Making a friendship circle

This is our friendship tree

Decorating a circle with glue and paper

Library time

Free play time in the classroom

Wishing you all a nice week and looking forward to sharing more pictures next time

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