Monday, January 22, 2018

Outer Space theme

Dear parents,
Last two weeks Pre-K2 class had lot of fun learning a new theme "Outer Space" and did lot of fun activities. We talked about things we see in the sky at night, starts and moon, and things we see in the sky in the day, Sun, Clouds and sometimes rain. And we did following activities.

Cut out a moon and let them stick yellow paper. 


 They decorated stars with glitter and stick them on black paper as night sky.

Trying to draw stars in the sky..

Wrote their names on square papers and glued them on black paper to look like rockets.

We made a Constellation viewers using kitchen paper towels. They enjoyed pretending looking at the stars holding the viewer up to the lights and seeing lights shining through.

 On a blue paper we glued things we see in the sky in the day, clouds, sun and rain drops, 

They had so much fun dressing up like little astronauts and pretending like walking on the moon. We showed them a video how to walk on the moon, moving slowly and how to dress when you go to moon. We cut out cardboard boxes as helmets and wrapped white paper as astronauts boots.   

Some free play activities they have done during the day...

And we ended our week with a nice outdoor pick-nick.. 

Thank you and wishing you all a great week!

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