Sunday, February 11, 2018

Fairy Tales

Dear families,

A warm welcome to our new students who joined Pre-k2 recently and we are glad to see them settling well and having fun. 




What we did?

In the last weeks they learned a new topic on "Fairy Tales" and choose story of Gingerbread man, Three Little Pigs and Castles, Dragons, Princes and princesses.  We read books and watched videos to learned more about these stories and of course did lot of  fun arts and crafts. As usual did various activities to learn colors, numbers and shapes.  

Gingerbread Men

We made Gingerbread men by tracing each child’s body on a brown paper, then cut it and let them decorate it gluing eyes, mouth, buttons and other objects on it.

Making Gingerbread men using play-dough


Three Little Pigs

Walked around the school to collect twigs and straws, used red rectangular shapes for bricks. Then they made three little houses for thee little Pigs using bricks, twigs & straws

They also made pigs faces by painting a circle in pink & gluing eyes and noses.     

Castles, Dragons, Princes, Princesses, Crowns & magic Wands 

They made Castles gluing different shapes on to a paper and decorating it with glitter.  


Making Magic Wands
making  Crowns

 Making Dragons using toilet paper rolls


Story time...

Learning shapes and numbers through fun activities..


Having fun in the playground...



Library time..

   Free play activities..

Ending the week Picnicking and enjoying the Gingerbread cookies..

Thank you for visiting our class blog!

Wishing you all a pleasant week!   

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