Saturday, September 1, 2018

Back to School & Welcome to Pre-K 2 & 3

Dear family and Friends, 

Welcome to a new school year at Pre-K 2&3!
We had a great start so far, nice to see all the new students and those who are returning are settling in well. We are hoping the rest of our class will be joining us soon.  

Who is new to our family?

Pre -K 2



Activities we have done

We had so much fun doing lot of Arts & Crafts and are learning so much. Lot of our time has been spent getting to know our school, classroom, new friends and learning routines in the classroom. 

Taking walks to show them around the school and visited our friendly turtle

Starting our day with Circle time, reading stories, singing songs and playing games with the whole class

Making a Mosaic with papers 

Making a name necklace

Hand-print boarders for window decorations

Tissue paper crafts & window decorations

A Circle Tree

Learning Straight lines

Sorting out colors

Did lot of name activities mostly with Pre-K 3 to help them recognize their names

Making a Friendship Tree with beads 

Outdoor Plays

Free Plays

Thank you and hope you enjoy the pictures

Till next time

Happy weekend everyone !

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