Monday, September 24, 2018

Me, You and Us - Who am I?

Dear Parents and family Friends,

In Pre-K we had another fun couple of weeks filled with many activities. We started a new topic: Me, You and Us. We talked about Who am I? Children learned to say their names and to say whether they are a boy or girl. We also continued to do more activities that help them learn and recognize their names and worked on learning numbers, colors, shapes and letters.     

Who is new to our Pre-K family?

A warm welcome to all our new students who joined recently!   

Activities we did

Decorating their own portraits and faces

Name recognizing activities


 Learning numbers

Learning letters

Learning shape circle through art


Pre-K 2 sorting out colors

Pre-K 3 working on their activity books 

Exploring mixing water and colors 

Sand, Play-dough, Clay and water play 

                                                             Helping to wash toys 

PE and Outdoor Play

Reading Time

Other play


Celebrating birthdays

Thank you!

Till next time!

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