Sunday, October 7, 2018

Me, You and Us - Differences and similarities / Things we like and things we can do

Dear Family and Friends,
Last couple of weeks we continued on our theme Me,You and Us. We learned about differences and similarities and things we like and things we can do.

Children talked about themselves, look at them and others. Identify differences by selecting their hair, skin color and identifying friends with other hair and skin colors. They learned similarities by showing our eyes, nose and mouth and beginning to see that others have that too. We sang songs, read books and did other activities to showed in class things we like and things we can do. 

Activities we did

They glued different skin color figures and different color hairs

Did hand prints in multi color papers and made a display board 

They colored and glued pictures of things they can do and things they like. And we made little booklets out of that

Pre-K 2 making a collage with cut-out people and learning color yellow

Learning names and numbers

Free Play


Free Puzzles

Rainy day activities


Outdoor Play

Learning letters


Play-dough and clay play

Books we read

Learning Jolly phonic alphabet songs

Other art and crafts

Thank you!

And a happy weekend to you all!

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