Sunday, November 25, 2018

Pets - How to care for a Cat

Dear Parents and Family friends, 
Last two weeks we continued on our unit "Pets" and the children did more fun activities about caring for dogs and cats. 

We also started a new project on "Community pen pal"  with the Pre-K students of our neighboring school. They started the picture exchange by sending a drawing/art they made. The children  were very excited about their new friends, they decorated their own envelops and put it in the mail box.  

As always they learned letters, numbers and shapes through various activities. Children also made a story book of their favorite story "Three little Pigs", and we ended our week with a fun picnic.        

Activities we did

Continuing on unit Dog and Cat

Learning body parts

Making dog foot prints
Made a dog booklet

 Community Pen Pal

Making a friendship tree with hand prints
Waiting to post their mails

Working on Math activity books

 Learning Patterns

 Learning letters and numbers /activity books

Made letter C booklet

Making the "Three Little Pigs" story book


Outdoor Play

Having fun with water while helping to clean toys

Free Play

Ending our week with a picnic

Thank you and we hope you enjoyed our class blog

Till next time

Wish you all a great week!!

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