Thursday, December 13, 2018

Holiday Fun

Dear family and friends,
We had so much going on in Pre-K 2&3 class last few weeks, the children have been busy doing many Christmas decorations helping with our window displays and creating a little winter scenery on our hallway display board and making ornaments to put on our class Christmas tree.  

They also have been practicing very hard for two important events during last couple of weeks for our winter show and  first school assembly. 

We also ended our unit on "Pets" learning how to care for a fish and birds, and continued to work on numbers and letters. 

Activities on unit "Pets"

Making a bird nest 

Making a bird cage

Making a parrot

 Making a fish tanks

Math activities 

Holiday Season Fun

Footprint snowman crafts

Hand print Reindeer crafts  

Name snowmen
Helping to put up the tree

Finding a little surprise under the tree

Preparing and performing at the winter show

"Show and Tell" at circle time

Retelling the story of  Three little pigs

Receiving mails from their pen pal

Sending greetings to pen pals

Library time

Working on their activity books, letters and numbers

Learning to write name

Free Play

Outdoor play

Thank you

 and wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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