Sunday, January 20, 2019

Fruits and Vegetables

Dear Pre-K 2&3 Family, 

Happy 2019!!! and welcome to our first class blog this year!!

First, we would like to welcome a new friend who joined us in Pre-K 3. We are happy to see him settling well and enjoying his new classroom and friends.

Thank you parents for sending in bottle, jar caps and tins. Once we have collected enough we will be ready to make our sound garden.

What did we learn?

The last couple of weeks we have started a new unit on Fruits and Vegetables. We learned common names of Fruits & Vegetables, and they come in many shapes, sizes and colors. The children also learned that Fruits & Vegetables can be grown in our gardens and they need sunlight and water to grow.

We went and visited our school vegetable garden, but the most fun they had was planting seeds and preparing our own vegetable garden.

We also did activities with letters & numbers, read many stories and sang many songs.

Activities we did

 Cut and color different vegetables
    Separating fruits from vegetables     Counting activity                    

Visiting school vegetable garden

Planting seeds & waiting for them to grow

Preparing the vegetable garden
Marked their spot

Learning Letters (beginning sounds) and Numbers

 Free Play 


 P.E. and Outdoor Play


 They have received a response from pen pals

A Birthday Celebration


Thank you--til next time!

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