Saturday, February 16, 2019

Land Transportation

Dear Pre-K family,

During the last couple of weeks we started on a new unit--Transportation--and the children did lot of fun activities. We talked about different means of transportation, what goes on the land, air and water. And we also talked about how each of us comes to school. Some come by car, bus, bicycle, motorbikes and some can walk to school. 
They made their own roadways by cutting, coloring and gluing together different vehicles, traffic lights and roads. We played a letter bingo game with fire trucks and counting activities with small vehicle counters.

We also did valentine's day crafts, painted pots for our vegetable garden and we started to to use the "Maker Space" to give children more opportunity to be more creative.  

Activities we did

Making roads and vehicles 
Counting activities
 Playing Bingo Game            Dot to Dot Activity
Color by the number     Making an alphabet train
Which Object will roll down the ramp? (discovering)

Free play 

Learning letters, numbers & sorting colors

Valentine's Day Crafts

Playing Instruments

At "Maker Space"

Vegetable Garden

 Our vegetable garden is now completed. We got colorful pots, fences and wind chimes, which children love playing with and we are growing tomatoes, green beans, eggplants, carrots and lots of herbs. 

Celebrating a birthday

 Outdoor play


 Rainbow activities

Learned a new rainbow song and made a rainbow using cardboard, play-dough and pipe cleaners

Thank you!
Till next time!

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