Sunday, March 17, 2019

Water Transportation

Dear parents,

We ended our unit on transportation by focusing on water transportation. The children learned that people and things can be moved from place to place by boats and ships. They created water landscape with paper plates, made sailing boats with mud clay and fabrics and made paper boats and played with water. 

Last week in Pre-K we celebrated "Mother Tongue Week" with various activities. We learned where we live and how some of us comes from different countries. The children heard songs and learned how to say hello from different languages and discovered that their names too can be written differently from other languages. We also made county flags using various materials and we ended our busy week with a fun picnic with some traditional snacks.

It was also time to harvest some green beans from our vegetable garden. They had a chance to discover growth stages of green beans, from seeds to seedlings, to small plants, to full grown plants and finally from flowers to green beans. The children were excited to take them to the school kitchen so Miss Aminata could cook them for us.  

Water Transportation Activities

Making a water landscape with paper plats

Making boats with mud clay

Paper boats and water play

As they continued to play they start adding other materials that were found in the classroom (ducks, star fishes, counting rubber boats and play dolls) into the water 

Sorting different ways of transportation (water, air, road)

Other Transportation activities

Mother Tongue Week

Singing songs in different languages

Writing names in other languages

Making Country Flags

Letter and Number Activities 


 Outdoor Play

 Library Time and Free Reading

 Taking a walk to see a bird nest

Free Play


Celebrating a Birthday

Harvesting Green Beans


 Picnic day

Children shared the snacks they brought from home

Thank You!!

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