Sunday, March 31, 2019

Spring Crafts

The last couple of weeks we worked on different spring craft activities. The children made many kinds of colorful flowers, flower pots, baskets, flowery hats, birds and butterflies using different materials. We also made cherry blossom branches by gluing flowers on them. Then, they all helped to put them on our display board.   

On Friday we visited our community vegetable garden and the children had the opportunity to see onions and potatoes being harvested. We touched and smelled freshly picked vegetables and learned that these are the vegetables they eat during lunch at school.

During the last two weeks, Pre-K 3 students also had their first couple of swimming sessions. They really enjoyed it and had fun!!  

Spring Craft Activities

Making different kinds of flowers 


Working on Tulips

Making birds, butterflies and flowery hats

Bunny flower pots - made out of cans

Flower baskets with craft sticks

Cherry Blossom branches

Helping with the display board

Dancing and having fun in class

Swimming Fun

Outdoor Play

Free Play

A Visit to our Community Garden 

Thank you!!
Wishing you all a happy spring break!!

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