Friday, April 19, 2019

Pre-K 2 - Healthy Habits / Pre-K 3 - Five Senses - Seeing & Touching

Dear Parents,

It has been another busy couple of weeks for Pre-K 2 & 3. We have done lot of new and fun activities. We started on new themes, went on a field trip, our little ones in Pre-K 2 started with their first swimming session, harvested tomatoes from our garden and the children did a surprise Easter egg hunt and had fun coloring them. 

We also would like to welcome two new friends to our Pre-K 2 class!!

Pre-K 2
Pre-K 2 has started a new theme on "Healthy habits". We talked about germs, why, when and how we wash our hands and brush our teeth and made fun arts and crafts.

Healthy Habits

Children demonstrating each of the steps of washing hands and doing arts & crafts

Learning the steps of brushing teeth

How tall am I?

Learning simple patterns

Pre-K 3

In Pre-K 3 we started a new unit on the "Five Senses". We did a basic introduction to this unit by reading books and singing songs. They learned that we have five senses, which help us to see, hear, taste, smell and touch things. After doing an overview of the five senses, we will spend some time exploring each of the senses in more depth.

Five Senses

They learned we use different parts of our body to know the senses

My sense of Sight    

The children made a collage of "Things I can see" by cutting pictures from magazines and sorting matching rainbow colors, placing them by how they see it fit. 

They went outside with clipboards and draw things they can see: birds, sun, trees, flowers, etc...

The children also learned that a magnifying glass makes small things look bigger. They went around the class and in the playground looking at things like flowers, ants, and grass.


My sense of Touch

The children touched various objects that are soft, hard, rough, bumpy, sticky and explored how each of them felt differently 

They touched and felt water that are different in temperature: room temperature, warm water and cold water 

They also learned that some things are not safe to touch: fire, knife, broken glasses and sharp objects  

Five Sense Letter Activities

A Field Trip to the Zoo

The children had a fun day picnicking, walking around, and seeing many animals. The next day we talked about things they saw, heard and smelled at the Zoo. 

Letter activities

Free drawing, coloring & reading

Celebrating a birthday

Swimming Sessions

At The Maker Space

Free Play

Harvesting Tomatoes

Finally, our tomatoes were ready to be harvested. The children helped to harvest them and we all shared them in class. 

P.E. & Outdoor Play

Easter Egg Hunt

The children did an Easter egg hunt and colored the eggs with food coloring.

           Wishing you all a nice and relaxing long weekend!                       Happy Easter!!

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