Monday, May 13, 2019

Healthy Habits - Eating healthy food / Five Senses - Sense of Smelling, Hearing & Tasting

Dear Parents,

We are excited to share more fun activities we have done in Pre-K 2&3 for the last few weeks. The children received letters from their pen-pals. They got to try home made yogurt, mango popsicles and pizzas. And as usual we continued with our units. 

Pre-K 2

In Pre-K 2 we continued our unit on "Healthy Habits" and talked about eating healthy food. They learned eating lots of vegetables and fruits will help us stay healthy, and that simple exercise such as playing, walking, running will also keep us strong.

Healthy & unhealthy food

  Making papier mache

Hunting and sorting shapes & patterns

Beading & Scissor skills

Letter & Number activities

Pre-K 3

In Pre-K 3 we continued our unit on "Five Senses" and through fun activities they learned about the senses of Smell, Hearing and Taste. At the end of our unit we collected the collages they made for each of the senses and made a book of my five senses.

My Sense of Smelling
The children learned that some objects have different kinds of smells by smelling things such as flowers, herbs, spices & scented oils. 


They also learned some things have a bad or stronger smells than others

Making a collage 

My Sense of Hearing
We played guessing games by letting them recognize different kinds of noises in the background. noises such as running water, a helicopter, someone walking, and animal noises. The children colored & cut magazine pictures of things we can hear to make a collage.   

My Sense of Taste

They had the most fun learning about the sense of Taste. First they tried different tastes of liquids. Something sweet, sour, bitter & salty.   

Tasting Yogurt

Making & Tasting Mango Popsicles

First they learned how to make pizza using mud clay, stones and grass

Making the real Pizza

We collected Basil from our garden for the pizza toppings

Each got their own pizza dough & toppings 

Enjoying the yummy pizza

Making a Collage

Numbers & Letter Activities

Learning Patterns

Learning opposite words through pictures

Art work

Free Drawings

Free Play

Outdoor Play

Receiving letters from their pen-pals

Free Reading

 Circle time activities

Story time and singing in front of the class

 Thank you!Till next time!

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