Sunday, June 2, 2019

Circus / Fairy Tales

Dear Parents, friends and family,

In Pre-K 2 and 3 classes we had another three weeks filled with fun, wonder, fantasy and many imaginary plays. We started on new themes and projects.  Our students performed at our school assembly and took a field trip to a nearby animal farm. We had a circus day and a Fairy Tea Party and invited older students to our classes. As usual we did many fun activities in class and during P.E. and sang songs and read stories.

Activities we did

Assembly performance

New play items in Pre-K garden

Outdoor Play

Field trip to the farm

The children had fun visiting Sotouba farm. They saw many cows, some calves and Camels

The children enjoyed petting the Calves

They also had the opportunity to see a cow being milked

Pre-K 2

In Pre-K 2 we moved on to a new theme "Circus". We practiced some circus activities, and watched circus videos to learn more about it. We ended the theme by presenting a "Circus show" inviting other students to our class. They performed a Magician, bicycle show, balancing on woods, walked on wood with a balancing bar and walked through a hula hoop. We continued to cut, color, draw and listen to stories.

Making circus Popcorn & clown faces

Circus Practice

Circus Day

What a busy day for Pre-K 2!! the children had a fun day and did a great job performing magic tricks and acrobatics in front of their guests. While enjoying the show the guests were served with pop corn. 

- A Magician Act -

Balance walk on the wood

Walking through a hula hoop

Balancing Bar

Bicycle Show

Number, Letter & Pattern Activities

A Friendship Tree

Learning names

Free writing & Drawings

 Working on a floor puzzle 

Free Play


 Other arts & crafts

Pre-K 3

In Pre-K 3 we started a new unit on "Fairy Tales". The children learned stories of Elmer the Elephant, Jack & the Beanstalk, Goldilocks & the Three Bears and the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty. They learned these stories through books, by making picture collages and the most fun way, by role playing. At the end of this unit we hosted a "Fairy Tea Party" where the children were able to dress as little princes, princesses and fairies and students of older classes were invited to our castle as guests. They treated them with tiny snacks and performed a small play.   

Goldilocks & The Three Bears

You can see the story here -  Goldilocks & The Three Bears

We made Goldilocks's hair with wool & ribbons & the girls are learning 
how to braid hair

We watched the story of Goldilocks & enjoyed playing wearing the Goldilocks's hair 

Making a collage

Role Play of "Goldilocks & The Three Bears"

 Story - Elmer 

The story here - Elmer

We read the book and the children colored Elmer the elephant by numbers

Jack & The Beanstalk

The story is here  Jack & The Beanstalk

We showed the children an example of the collage 

They colored & cut the each characters & glued them on to the collage

Instead of Jack they made it their own story by adding their own pictures

Role Playing as "Jack" & "the giant"

Humpty Dumpty

The Rhyme - Humpty, Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall

They each took turns and saw how Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall

They made a Humpty Dumpty collage by tracing & cutting oval shape 
& gluing red papers to make a brick wall  

Preparation for the Fairy Tea Party

The children helped to make the castle walls

Making Magic Wands and Crowns

Working on a puzzle

They added small toy animals to the puzzle and pretended they were 
visiting the castle 

And they made mud clay castles

Other Activities

Letter & Number activities

Performing in front their classmates

Using pattern cutting scissors to cut shapes

Working on a Weaving Project 

Swimming Sessions

Fairy Tea Party

What a busy day in our fairy land! Our castle was filled with fairy guests all day, little princes and princesses had an exciting day serving their guests with tiny snacks and hot chocolate. While the guests were enjoying their snacks the children performed a play.  

Thank You!!
Till next time!!

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