Saturday, August 31, 2019

Back to School

Dear Pre-K Family and Friends,

Welcome to a new school year at Pre-K 3&4! 

We've had a great start so far--it's nice to see all the new students and those who are returning are settling in well. 

Our first couple of weeks have been all about students getting to know each other and becoming familiar with the classroom environment. The Children have had so much fun doing lots of arts & crafts and back to school activities, helping to create a magical place in our classroom.

A warm welcome to our new students who join us in Pre-K 4!

Each student had their picture taken on their first day back to school.

Drawing their own portraits

Making their own flower pots

Hand Print Activity

Name Learning Activity

 Stringing Beads

Sun Catcher Crafts

Other Arts & Crafts

Free Drawing, Painting, Tracing & Cutting Activities

 Play-dough Crafts

Free Play

Working on Floor Puzzles

 Outdoor Play

                                                      Looking at the Tortoise

 End of the day Activities

We end our day with reading books or sometimes we sing songs, playing instruments and dancing

Our Pre-K Team for the first quarter

Thank you!

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