Thursday, September 5, 2019

Week 3

Dear Family & Friends,

This week we started on a new unit, "Me, Us and My Family". The children learned about themselves by learning their names, where they come from, how old they are, which class they are in & the name of their school.

 They also made picture frames for their own pictures using forms & stickers.

Working on how tall we are

Letter of the week - s

We started with the first letter from Jolly Phonics - s. The students learned the phonics song and explored the letter s through various sensory & crafts.


Number of the week - 0

We did number & shape recognition activities & counting 1-5

Physical Education for this week

Free reading & music in class 

At the Library

Free Play


One, two, get out the moo
Three, four, open and pour 

We read this book in class. It's about a little pig who baked a cake but didn't want to share it with his friends. We ended our week baking a cake together with the class and discussing how we would feel if this cake wouldn't get shared.

The children had fun sifting flour, adding ingredients and mixing the cake batter

Thank you and wishing you a nice weekend!!

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