Thursday, September 12, 2019

Week 4

Dear Family & Friends,

 A warm welcome to our new friends who joined us in Pre-K!


We continued to do different activities with our unit "Me, Us & My Family". The children made little books about themselves with the things that they like such as their favorite color, food, and their family. 

They also identified differences and similarities by selecting their hair, skin colors and identifying friends with other hair and skin colors. By showing our eyes, mouth & nose we begin to see that others have that, too. 

We also did silhouettes of their portraits and they had fun cutting, coloring and drawing features on them.



Letter of the Week - a

   We learned the phonics song and traced and cut circles and did an ant craft for the letter 'a' and other activities.

                                     Shaping letters             Lacing through the letters 


Number of the week - 1

Learning patterns


Free Reading & at the library


Free Drawing & Painting


Free Play


Physical Education & outdoor play


Some days we end our day with playing Bingo games



They had fun mixing baking soda with vinegar


Weekly Journal

With Pre-k 4 we started to do a weekly journal where they try to draw the activities we have done during that week.

Celebrating a birthday

Thank you!

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